What engine should I choose Diesel or Gasoline

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I have recently received a question from someone who said that he wants to buy a new car. He didn`t know what car to choose because a relative told him that if he is going to buy a car with an engine that runs on gas it will have more troubles with the engine. If you`re interested in my opinion, keep reading.


1. If someone claims that an engine on gas is better than a diesel one or vice versa, I am sorry to say that but the truth is that he has no ideea about engines. The truth is only one: there are hundreds of car manufacturers and most of them develop their own engines on gas or diesel and some engines are good while others seems to have a lot of troubles. There is no such thing as a perfect engine but I can admit that you can find a car that has a better engine than another one and so on.


2. Diesel or gas, the Internet is full of forums, blogs and other websites where you can read millions of opinions, reviews from people that had troubles with their engines on either gas or diesel. You can read about almost everything but that`s not necessarily the truth since there are many countries and again a lot of engine types. I believe that you can spend your entire life and still you probably won`t be able to read all that information. Again, the difference is made by the brand which is actually the result of their work, knowledge, time and a lot of money spent for developing new technologies.


3. Difference between gas and diesel engines is actually translated into advantages and disadvantages. Which one is a better color for your eyes ? Blue or green ? Which one is more beautiful ? A girl with a blonde hair or a brunette ? Got the ideea ? None of them are perfect, both of them has some advantages and disadvantages and definetely you need to choose the engine that suits your needs.


4. Let`s talk about the troubles. You may experience engine problems with any engine, it doesn`t matter the type of fuel. Period. Some problems are either well known for a specific engine or they are the consequences of a bad behaviour in the relationship driver-engine. Any driver should read the car manual, it should change the oil on a regular basis ( exactly as the manufacturer recommends: type/time ) and do exactly what is being recommended for that engine. As a conclusion, it`s the same risk for both engines: diesel or gas WHEN they are correctly used.


I already wrote an article called ``Difference between gas and diesel engines advantages and disadvantages`` and I personally agree that both of those engines has some unique features and some good and bad parts but none of them can be called, ``the perfect engine``. I also like both of them ( tested both versions on dozens of cars ) and trust me that it`s so hard for me to choose between them but I will always going to calculate the estimated miles/km done in one year, the price of the fuel, efficiency, reliability of the engine and everything else that I forgot to say here. Compare these results with your expectations and you will be able to configure the best engine for your car.

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