What happens if I skip the safely remove hardware feature

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If you`re asking yourself what are the consequences of not using the ``safely remove hardware`` feature from your Windows I think I can share my personal experience with you.

So what`s really happening with a USB device if you`re in rush and you don`t have the time to use the windows function called ``safely remove hardware``.

In theory if you do that you may experience one of the following scenarios:

- your computer may stop responding
- you can damage the USB device
- you can expect to loss data
- other bad things might happen depending on what USB you`re using

However, here`s what other people are saying :

I`ve read on the Internet a lot of comments from different forums or blogs. There you can find a lot of users claiming that nothing is going to happen if you simply remove the USB device. I`ve read testimonials of people that said and I quote ``Nothing happened in 10 years``. My opinion is that it depends on what are you doing with an USB device and how complex is the interaction between that device and your computer.

Here`s a short story from my life regarding the use of USB devices.

I must admit right from the start that I was using the ``safely remove hardware`` from time to time. Depending on how lazy I was. However, I had several memory sticks which were encrypted using Truecrypt and I never forgot to use the ``safely remove hardware`` feature.

In one night I was tired, and I started to close programs, files and folders from my computer. I was closing every application but I forgot to close a text file that was located on my USB memory stick and I simply removed the memory stick. I`ve shut down the computer and went to sleep. Next day, when I tried to open that file, it was there...but everything was garbage, not a single word or phrase. So I`ve lost all that information because I wasn`t using the ``safely remove hardware``.

As a conclusion: Make sure that you always use the ``safely remove hardware`` feature as it is there with a purpose. To prevent such scenarios. If someone says that nothing happens, I would say that it depends on what are you doing and what you`re going to loose. If you`re loosing a picture of your favourite movie star, it`s okay, the Internet is full of pictures and you can risk it but if you do work with valuable data make sure that you`re using this feature otherwise you might experience a similar bad story.

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