What is a cracker definition of this word

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If we`re reffering to computers and Internet, a cracker is the opposite of a hacker. As we all know, hackers build things and crackers break them. That`s what we know about them but things are different.

In my opinion there are two different types of crackers :

1. Crackers that represents the opposite of hackers

2. Crackers that uses hackers work for bad purposes

1. Crackers that represents the opposite of hackers

Those are the most dangerous crackers. I`ve read an article, a couple of years ago and the author said that based on some research, on the Internet there are approximately 1000 crackers. I mean, really dangerous crackers. Generally speaking, they are at least the equivalent of hackers if we`re talking about their knowledge, the only difference is that they use their knowledge for doing something bad.

2. Crackers that uses hackers work for bad purposes

Most of crackers use someone else work for doing their job well. When a vulnerability is being discovered they are trying to use it for doing something bad. They don`t have the same level of knowledge with hackers but that doesn`t meant that they are stupid. They are different from the first category because they are not so dangerous but they are still dangerous for most of the people.

It`s like saying, look at the first category - those are from the great white shark family. Now watch the little sharks but be careful, they are smaller but, they are sharks too.

So we know what hackers are, for more informations read this article about hackers. They are good, they learn a lot, they discover a lot, they are inventors and creators. Crackers are bad, they also learn, they also discover and they also invent and if we`re thinking at the first category, they also create. The only problem is that they are doing everything for evil purposes. They use their knowledge for gaining something. They use their power for making money and this is not legal. When a silly journalist will say that "hackers break into" or "hackers stolen from" then you should think at crackers. If you`re thinking that basically there is no difference between a skilled hacker and a cracker, it`s like saying that there is no difference between black and white. Sure, if you`re looking at them, we can admit that we may find an equal knowledge but when someone is using this knowledge for doing something good that can improve your life, it`s a hacker. When someone intentionally does something bad, even if he is at the same level of knowledge we automatically call him a cracker and that`s simple, because we need to separate his actions from those of a hacker. I know it may sound confusing as they all look the same but what separate them is their own actions.



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