What should I know before buying a laptop

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Everyone says that a laptop is an investment and you need to know a couple of things before buying it. I am talking since I used a couple of laptops and I started to realize that there are some things that nobody seems to realize. So here is my list, this is what I would look at before buying a laptop.

1. The screen quality

What ? That`s right, that`s what matters to me most. If my eyes will hurt me after spending a couple of hours in front of my laptop than it`s a piece of crap. A good laptop should allow you to spend a lof of time without calling your doctor and tell him that your eyes are hurting you. It happened to me twice: I spent $ 1400 on a laptop that was hurting my eyes. Two different brands, so please be careful when choosing your laptop. The best thing to do is to look at a laptop screen and see if your eyes are able to obtain a good experience. Move to the left, right, up and down, try too look at that screen from different angles. If you notice something strange that will hurt your eyes, don`t buy it, you`re going to regret later, I am telling you this because I felt like an idiot after spending a lot of money on a laptop that was hurting my eyes.

2. Keyboard

That`s also something important, if you choose a good keyboard your hands will thank you later. When you`re buying a laptop you have to touch that keyboard. Maybe it`s something that you don`t like. You should type a page of content as this will give you an ideea. Probably you`re thinking that you don`t use the keyboard very much. That`s true in some cases but you will use the keyboard a lot. When you will email something, you are going to use the keyboard, when you will talk with a friend or someone else on chat, again you are going to use the keyboard and so on. It`s my second option that I would consider before buying a laptop. Keyboard is important as sooner or later you`re going to use it.

3. Processing Power

Try to buy a laptop that comes with a fast CPU, RAM memory and why not a dedicated video card if you`re going to play games. If you don`t buy your laptop for games or if you don`t intend to use it with graphic programs such as Adobe Photoshop, I guess you don`t need a dedicated video card. I don`t have a dedicated card but I have a powerful CPU and enough RAM memory for what I need: browsing the web, working with office suites, watching movies and so on. At the time that I wrote this article most laptops were using 2 GB of memory. Right now, my laptop has 4 GB of RAM but my next one will have at least 8 GB and so on...as the technology will require more RAM.


4. Storage

This should be easy. It really depends on what are you going to do with your laptop. How many files do you want to store on your laptop ? If you don`t intend to store something you could go ahead even with a 40 GB HDD as this is going to be enough for browsing the web. Actually, right now, when I am writing this article, there is no such thing as 40 GB HDD, the smallest one is around 160 GB and a regular one around 500 GB. If you plan to store a lot of files and need more space than you should go and choose a bigger one such as 1 TB or 2 TB HDD or even more. If you don`t have the money for a bigger HDD right now you can buy a bigger laptop later, in a couple of months or so. After 2 years I purchased a bigger HDD as I really liked my laptop and didn`t wanted to sell it and buy another one.

5. Connectivity

A lot of people looks for a built-in WiFi + built-in Bluetooth and so on. To be honest, I used my wireless and my USB ports. I know it sounds strange but I never used my card reader 5 + 1 or my bluetooth. However, I used a lot all 5 USB ports and that made me happy. I just hate laptops that are coming with 2 USB ports. Stay away from them, I am using a desktop replacement laptop from Fujitsu and I know it`s not a lightweight but believe me that it has everything I wanted from a laptop and he travels a lot. Approximately 300 miles / week. Regarding the connectivity, if a laptop comes with everything you want plus a lot more, it`s okay, you will never know when you need something so it`s better to be there, just in case that you might need it.


6. Battery Life

I don`t care about battery life so much because I don`t like to work and see remaining battery power left icon. It`s just keeping me under pressure and I can`t concentrate very well. What I do appreciate is when outside was a powerful storm and suddenly there was no electricity. My battery allowed me to work for another 2 hours, which was nice because I don`t want to loose my work, at least to have a chance to save and continue later. I am not saying that battery life is not important but I don`t think that anyone could use a couple of hours in order to finish a job that would require days. That`s why battery life was not so important when compared to other things. It would be great to have a battery that will keep my laptop powered for days but I guess I will need to wait for a couple of years until this technology will be ready.

7. Durability

It`s important to know if possible or at least to make an ideea. When you`re buying a car you hope that it will run without any other problems. It`s the same thing with a laptop. Who needs a bad laptop ? Nobody because you`re working for that money and you expect only good things from the laptop. Let me tell you something from my experience: 3 years ago I purchased a brand new laptop. After 2 years I decided that I should buy another laptop, a faster one and gave my old laptop to my mother. I purchased a new laptop and because it wasn`t what I expected I was able to return that laptop ( it was not purchased from the Internet, it was from a store ) and pay a small difference and buy a better one. It was again, a bad choice, another brand, another configuration but the screen quality was awful. So, I decided to switch the HDD and RAM between my 2 years old laptop and the new one. The new one which had the same price like the old one is now at my mother and right now I am writing this article from my old laptop.

Probably there are other things such as the DVD/CD writer, weight of an laptop or size but this article is about laptops in general. If the weight counts so much maybe you should look for a netbook or a laptop with a smaller screen size but what about your eyes ? If you would like to add something for making this list even better, please let me know so other can read this too.

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