What to know before launching a website

This article was modified on 2011-11-19 16:42:28

If you decided that it`s time to create a website and you would like to do this on a long term, I am going to share a couple of things that I`ve learned over so many years.

Quality must be your top priority

Your website must meet some standards that popular search engines such as Google wants to see, for example:

- an easy to crawl website for search engine bots and also easy to navigate for people.
- a clear and fast loading website with a valid HTML/XHTML/CSS code if it passes W3C validation it`s even better.
- optimize pictures, try to make them smaller in size whenever is possible.
- you should keep errors of all kind away, I mean navigation issues such as broken or inexisting links
- never use a trick, something that you`ve discovered on the Internet that will help you to rank well overnight, most of them are nothing but scams and sooner or later, you will be caught and you will loose all the time and money that you invested in your website.
- quality content is a must and this is what will make the difference in time, you must create content using your own brain otherwise you`re just wasting your time.
- try to write something that you know, if you`re an expert in cars, write about cars, if you love computers, write about computers.
- in time, if you create a lot of valuable content you will notice that other websites will link to your articles/pages and this is what a search engine such as Google want to see, a lot of organic links that are coming naturally in time and not in one day or one month.
- once you`re working on your website and you`ve noticed that your visitors rate increased from one month to another( maybe at a slower rate ) don`t give up, you just have to work more and you will see the results in time.
- try to host your website on a webhosting company that offers a decent speed, faster is always better.
- don`t create link schemes and don`t link to others, don`t involve in any linking no matter how good it sounds, you will only going to draw a penalty or a ban to your website and everything will be lost so don`t do it.
- don`t let others to steal your work, each month you need to track thiefs that are stealing your content and report them as soon as possible.
- don`t try to calculate how many words or keywords should you have on a page, just try to write an article like it would be a discussion with a friend or a stranger.
- if you`re going to ad some ads to your website, never use more than 2 ads/page and try to use only one paying company such as Google Adsense.

Those are only a couple of things that you need to know before getting involved. There are more of them and I will write a complete article with a way more and detailed information. Probably the best place to start is to open Google webpage and type the following phrase without quotes "webmaster guidelines" and the first page is with what google recommends to each webmaster.

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