What username to choose when creating an email address

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This sounds like a stupid question but actually it`s one of the common mistakes that most of the people do when they are creating their first email address. It`s obviously something wrong to create an email address that will use a funny username, a name of a movie star and so on. There are 2 important reasons why you should be careful when you`re creating your email address.

1. The spam reason - choose a decent username

This is the most important thing to remember. When you`re creating something so easily that it can be guessed then it will probably be and you will try to remember if you gave your email address to a website that now is sending you a lot of spam. I have written an entire article that explains a lot about the danger that will come with such an email address. I am not going to repeat everything and I am sure that you don`t have the time to read everything I wrote but I want you to remember that email addresses are easily to be targeted if you create them in this format:


You may want to use something such as:


2. The future of your email - choose a good username

Sure, you`re creating for the first time an email address and you`re thinking at something funny such as red_puppy or iwantaporsche and so on. A lot of people are creating them and they are happy with their choice. In this time they are giving this email address to all of their friends, they are linking their online bank accounts, creating ebay, amazon, craigslist, paypal accounts using their funny email address. Everything is fine for them until they are typing their email address in a CV and apply for a job. Don`t laugh, it happened to a lot of people because they already get used with their email address and they don`t see it like something funny. When the person that will read their CV will notice their email address and they will choose someone who has a normal email account.

Please be careful here and decide for what you are going to use your email address. If you`re going to use this email address for important stuff, you may feel sorry after a couple of years when someone will ask for your email address and you will be misjudged because of an username that you choosed years ago when you were not thinking at all of these things. The username is actually very important and in some cases it will be a part of how other people will look at you. Most of the people doesn`t realize that it`s always important to choose something that can help you instead of creating a childish impression. As a final thing I would like to tell you that I have talked about the importance of choosing the right username for your email in a previous article. If you want to find out more check the antispam tips here.

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