Which one is the best software for voice recognition

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The best software for voice recognition is the one called "Dragon Naturally Speaking". I`ve purchased this application last year when I`ve written a complete review of Dragon Naturally Speaking.


DragonNaturally Speaking CD Premium Version 11

I am talking about the Windows version and I`ve tested the same application on Windows XP SP3 and right now on Windows 7. I didn`t noticed any issues, it works great on both operating systems.

I wrote the second article since I`ve been using this application and I`ve realised what are the requirements.

As I said in that article, the Plantronics Bluetooth Adapter is amazing, it is quite comfortable for my ear and it`s easy to use - plug and play technology.

Probably the best advantage is your own voice and english level not to mention here that it is an advantage if you`re a native english user.

They said that the program can adapt and it is capable of learning how you pronounce words and so on but remember that you really need to know english language quite well...

Regarding the speed, it is true that you can actually increase your speed by 3 times when compared with your hands. However, when you use the program for the first time you might experience some gaps when dictating. It happened to me too as I was not used with this new feeling. It could take some time before you will be able to work at the maximum speed.

Back to the Plantronics Bluetooth Adapter, I strongly recommend you to purchase this adapter simply because you don`t need to sit on a chair. You can walk in the room at a couple of meters from your computer, and doing anything else ( silent )  while you`re dictating.

When I purchased this product, it came in a green box that says "Dragon NaturallySpeaking" - Speech Recognition Software and right after a new phrase that says:"create documents and email, control applications, and navigate the web --all by voice. Well, it`s true that you can actually do all of these things but I don`t think that you can control the web navigation through browsers since some websites are using redirects, not responding and so on.

What I am trying to say is that this software does his job extremely well, when you`re dictating something. It can be used at other tasks but don`t buy it for opening a page by voice, you can accomplish that with a simple mouse click.

It is a useful invention, it really changed the way I do things and it helps me to save a lot of time. If you know a better voice/speech recognition software please let me know as I couldn`t find a better one.

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