Why I hate social networking websites

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As the name of this article suggests I ``have`` something to say against social networking websites. So, why i hate social networking websites ? I will start to say that this will not be a list with all popular websites from this niche. I am also not going to say something like ``Top 10 reasons to avoid such websites`` or I hate only a few social networking websites and the other ones I love. I will not give the name for such websites, since I don`t want to hurt them with my personal opinion, so I will refer only to all of them. What I really want is an article that will allow me to look back at the past years and say...``Look ! At least I tried to convince people that using a social website is a waste of time, but it never worked ! `` or I could say ``Thanks God, I was right !``. That being said let`s start with the definition of a ``social networking website`` : ``A social networking website is a place located on the Internet that generates a huge quantity of unuseful/ useless and duplicated content and has a good chance to affect people`s relationships with others``.

Probably there is more but let`s say that this is enough. Now the good question : Why do I need to create an account and start saying normal things from our daily activity on a website ?

For example : ``Today I discovered a new shop``, ``I will go on a trip for 5 days``, ``I saw a nice car at a car dealer``, ``I like to eat Ice-cream``, ``I am going to bed and I will sleep only 8 hours`` and so on...why do we need to say all of these things on a website ? I mean who cares about this ? Do you think that it`s interesting to share that kind of information with other people ? If you think that this is a good information that needs to be found on the search engines then go on, create as many accounts as you can, on a lot of social networking websites and then spread the word, tell everyone when you wake up, when you eat, when you go to the toilet, when you go to bed do everything to become the perfect social user for such websites.

Why do I have to meet new friends on the Internet ? These are the people that I don`t even know if they exist, or that pretend to be a nice person or even use a fake picture on their personal account ? If everyone has a social networking account then why should we leave or houses ? We could stay connected for always, I don`t need reality, everyone is on the social websites and this is all we need.

Have you seen that movie called ``Idiocracy`` ? If someone from Hollywood or anywhere else could read my article than I would create a similar movie that would illustrate how the Internet will look like in our future with people using and doing everything on social networking websites. We could have social websites such as:

``ToiletEater`` - ``Don`t miss another trip to your toilet, let everyone now when you have to go...``
``FakeFaceFriends`` - ``Meet over 10 billion of friends and start sharing your life with them...``
``DingDongBingPong`` - ``All you have to do is to search anything on the Internet and start to dingdongbingpong all links that you can found``

and the lists could go on with over 1.000.000 social websites...

You will hear such things about them : If you will read articles on the Internet about those websites you will read something like that: the social websites are a revelation by helping people to connect with others. It is the new era for social content and it is a good thing for everyone. Ok, but what are the social websites ? ``Well, social websites got electrolytes...if you don`t have an account on such websites you really need to start creating one right now, it`s free and you are encouraged to use as many as you can.`` Yeah, right...

The truth about such websites : They do not bring something valuable like quality content, I like to think at them like a discussion with a friend on a chat service and our chat will be available to other millions of people doing the same thing. Nowadays, you don`t need to enter on Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, IRC etc. all you have to do is to comment on such websites with a lot of friends and those comments will get indexed by the search engines and they will be available on the Internet.

Don`t get me wrong here, I like Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, IRC etc. because they have something that such websites will never have and that is privacy. If someone else steals my password he won`t be able to see all comments that I made in last years. If I want to talk with my best friend or girlfriend or anything else I will talk in private, it`s a great and a cheap way to plan a barbeque, a short trip and a lot more.

Such websites are made only for profit : There is no such thing like getting friends, being smarter if you use such a service. Those who invented such websites were ``probably`` thinking at how to make more money by exploiting people`s fear. Fear from meeting a real person, fear from saying things in real life and God knows how many other things. They are based on generated content by people and in return they make money from you in a dozen of ways that could monetize their social websites and I am not going to give examples here.

My experience with them: I first created a couple of accounts on several popular social websites one year ago to see why those websites are becoming so popular and I must say that I couldn`t spend more than 10 minutes on them. They are so boring, so useless...

Instead of a conclusion: Our time is so precious and God knows that we start to realize it only when we`re getting older, we don`t even realize that losing our time with irrelevant things will lead us in the end to...nothing. If I said that I hate social networking websites then it`s because they do not help us to improve ourselves, to evolve as humans to make us smarter than we think we are. I really think that such websites should receive less attention and should not be treated as an ``important`` resource by humans and by those who manage the search engines. So stop wasting your time and here is what should you do, in my opinion :

- read some good books from best writers of all times and here are a few of them: Jules Verne, Mark Twain, Henryk Sienkiewicz, Fiodor Dostoievski etc. If you read a lot of good books it will make you a lot smarter, so encourage all people that you know to read books when they have some time.

- spend more time with all of your friends, family, in real life and always think only at the best moments, funny moments that you had with them.

- play with your dog, with your cat, do a lot of sport, visit amazing places if you have some money for such activities.

- use the Internet to buy things but do it safely, have a little chat with your friends from another country or state ( it`s cheaper than a phone call ).

- when using the Internet, check websites that offer true, valuable information and that doesn`t ask you something in return. If you feel that you want to be grateful for the information just contact the authors and thank them. For example you can contact me and tell me your opinion or send me your comments and I will post them right here.

Comments received ( only a couple of them ) :

Ashton Santos - October 3, 2009

( I just really liked your article and wanted to quote something you said for an article I`m writing for school. )

The Social Network Revolution
Chances are almost everyone on campus has some kind of social networking account, whether that may be Facebook, MySpace, Hookah, Twitter, Bebo, Friendster, Hi5, LinkedIn, and the list goes on. The social networking sites have become a major phenomenon this past decade, not just in the United States, but in the entire world.
Facebook has recently claimed almost as many users as the United States population, with nearly 300 million members (the United States population is 307 million.) If Facebook were a country it would be the eighth most populated country in the world. It is the fourth most visited website as of June 2009, while MySpace is the 11th. It seems as if more people prefer Facebook over MySpace these days, according to Comscore Facebook attracted 70.278 million visitors this passed June, compared with MySpace`s 70.237 million. What initially began as a portal for college students Facebook attracts an array of different demographics. Surprisingly, Facebook`s fastest growing demographic is people older than 35.

Why is there such a demand for so many different social networking sites? Simple, we enjoy getting our egos stroked. From posting a hundred pictures of ourselves, to updating our status every hour we like people to know us around the world, or at least the person we display on the site. We want five hundred friends, we want to stalk our ex`s page, we want to be the number one friend on our friend`s list, and of course we want comments/ people to write on our wall. We definitely need to maintain our social networking sites to keep in touch with former classmates, and relatives that live away from the state. We want to know the trivial things our favorite celebrity is tweeting about on Twitter.
However, social networking sites can do more than just give people the satisfaction that they fit in, they are also a way for expressing one`s political thoughts. This past year Facebook in Iran was the center of much controversy. The Islamic Republic of Iran banned Facebook access to their citizens because of the upcoming presidential election in Iran. It is apparently blocked to prevent President Mahmound Ahmadinejad`s rival from spreading his message. Ahmadinejad`s tactics may have ensured his election since he won another presidential term in Iran.
Social networking sites have also brought major profit to companies. ``Those who invented such websites were `probably` thinking at how to make more money by exploiting people`s fear. Fear from meeting a real person, fear from saying things in real life and God knows how many other things``, states Samoila Daniel, editor of Downloadbestsoft.com. Recently, Twitter has new plans to raise around $100 million of new funding to bring the company`s value to $1 billion. Twitter only has 60 employees, and states that they will not begin to run ads until 2010.
With a doubt social networks are creating history for the rest of the world. Never before has there been a way for people to communicate efficiently and instantly via internet. ``It is progressing so fast, it is leaving the news media in the dust,`` says Danny Minick, a writer on Locker Gnome. The revolution has only begun: the social networking revolution that is.

Amy Parker - October 4, 2009

( What`s the purpose of making new friends if you can`t meet them ? A friend needs to be there for you when you need him )
I enjoyed reading this article, it`s the truth that you need to know about social networking websites. Some people will say that there are good parts and bad parts but I don`t think that this will help us to improve ourselves, to make us better than we are. It`s a complete waste of time, I really think that this is a useful website or Wikipedia is a great website and a model for many others. I also liked the first comment with the social network revolution and was quite impressive. I didn`t know all of these things like the real numbers of users so I wanted to post a comment. Perhaps more and more people will visit this page and will read the entire article and our comments. I wish I could post a comment like Ashton Santos, unfortunately I don`t have enough time for a research. The most important thing is that I know what matters for me, what I`m aspiring to and what kind of friends I want. I want real friends, real life and when I miss them and can`t meet them, I can always call them or see them using my webcam.

Simon Luiton - October 21, 2009

( I am glad that not everyone loves the ``social`` thing that seems to spread like a real obsession )
I hate all those websites that pretends to help us to ``socialize``. I think that they encourage more and more people to spend their lifes in front of a computer. Don`t get me wrong, I love my PC and sometimes I like to browse on the Internet, especially when it`s a rainy day outside. It`s lovely to drink a cup of tea and read or watch on the Internet but that`s it. Wake up people, try to see the difference between a good and a useful website and another one that doesn`t teach you a damn thing. We are humans, we need to feel, to see each others, to enjoy our lifes as much as we can by loving and protecting our earth. I know that it`s in our human status to feel special, to gain a lot of exposure like: I want to be famous, I want all of my friends to see a couple of pics with me when I went in Greece. I know and I admit it that it`s in our human nature but this why Hollywood and Bollywood exists. There are more things to say, anyway I just wanted to say something against those websites maybe there will be more people that will discover this article and maybe some of them will change something.

Kate - June 16, 2010

( I don`t understand why people believe they actually need these sites to keep in touch )
I am a college student and I currently don`t own any social network account. Don`t get me wrong, they are useful in many ways but for me I just feel different about life. I feel that the computer has much more to offer than social contacts and I think facebook, myspace, twitter are for people who don`t have a normal life. I don`t spend a lot of time with my family and friends like I would prefer but that`s normal. I don`t like the idea of sharing data and my personal life with everyone around the world. I also believe that real friends stick together and they most likely can always come in contact with one another even if it be many years. People who I don`t see and I miss I know that they care just as much about me to find and contact me but I won`t do it through such sites. Everyone are put together for a purpose the people you haven`t meet are people you don`t need to meet. Or maybe it`s just not the right time for these people to be in your life. I don`t understand why people believe they actually need these sites to keep in touch. So many people are praying that I make a social network account but I`m just not ready to share my personal thoughts with people unless they really get to meet me in person.

Rose - August 18, 2010

( I became antisocial when I was addicted to social networks )
I love this article, thanks for writing it. I used to be addicted to Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and Hi5 until I discovered it was a way to waste valuable time, it damaged some of my relationships and gave the chance for an ex to stalk me. I finally realized that, like you say, this does not profit me in any way or form. Besides my real social life was deteriorating because I didn`t interact with my real friends enough, I wasn`t even playing enough with my kids. Many people in my contacts were just that, contacts, some I had no idea if they were real or had never even met in person. The day I had a personal problem and I didn`t have somewhere to go, one of my real life friends welcomed me at her home and she has been one of my best friends ever since. What would had happened if my real life friend hadn`t been there? Nobody in my social network contact lists would had been so effective in helping me when I needed it the most. We shouldn`t let technology be the main way for us to socialize, we all need to cultivate real person to person friendships. What ever happened to human interaction? I became antisocial when I was addicted to social networks. Do you see what`s going on? while those sites say they help you socialize, you become anti-social towards real face to face relationships/friendships. I found myself so frustrated, empty and alone after being in front of the computer. Needless to say I got depressed, until I realized I needed human contact without a computer in between. I closed all of my accounts and decided to get a life, a real life, that is. I have now friends who I can visit or who can come visit me, we all help each other, communicate through the phone, hang out, share food, share great family moments and there is nothing that can ever replace human warmth and contact. I met a guy once, who had more ``friends`` in his social network profiles than he did in real life, he had such a shallow personality, and he was so socially disabled that it also helped me realize I didn`t want to be like that anymore, I saw my old self reflected in him. To me it`s more fulfilling to have real friends than contacts in social networking sites, how about you?

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