Best Backup Software for Windows

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This is a list of several, free backup software for Windows. Right now, I recommend three programs based on their complexity level although all of them are easy to use. You may want to skip the following introduction:

If you would like to backup your data using a software, don`t worry the Internet is here to save you. For a small amount of money your data will be safe. For another amount of money you can double the level of safety by purchasing another backup service. You can consider a third one if you`re rich. 

Concerned about privacy? Stay away from cloud backup solutions

If you have regular data that you don`t want them lost, such services could be an option for many of us but wait a minute, when we`re talking about backing up the data online, isn`t this another form of cloud backup  ? I already wrote an article about why I think that cloud technology is a threat to privacy. ``Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodies`` is from Latin and translated in English means: `` Who guards the guardians ?`` That`s available even for backup software – especially those who upload them somewhere on a server located in a country. What guarantees do you have that your backup won`t be seen by a third party ? Zero guarantees and without a doubt, I am so right when it comes down to online backups.

My old ( but safe ) backup method

If you want to back-up your data, you can do it in several ways. After all, every data that can be fully recovered after a disaster is a success, right ? I often choose to password protect different files or collection of software using WinRAR and save them in multiple locations such as a DVD, a hard drive, another external hard-drive, a USB stick and so on...traditional back-up works for people like me and your grandpa. I am not talking about a lot of GB…only the most important things that roughly reach hundreds of MB. It may sound primitive but after a decade it still works for me. 

While some of you may agree, others will look for a backup solution that will handle the backup process…let`s say…easier and without working too much or wasting their time. I already said what I think about paid backup solutions so you won`t find any of them here, only the free ones. That being said, here they are: my personal recommendations for free backup software.

1. Create Synchronicity

If you didn`t used a backup tool before, try this. It`s open-source, extremely small ( just about 250 KB ) and it comes in two versions. Portable, it`s just a zip file that allows you to run the program without installing it. The usual installer package - that if you wish to install the software on your computer ( recommended ). It`s the easiest backup utility for Windows with a simple, user-friendly interface. It also has a lot of powerful features for advanced users. Take a look at the following article. Backup has never been easier with Create Synchronicity is just a short introduction, a quick guide so you may want to take a look before trying this application. Download Create Synchronicity

Create Synchronicity

2. Cobian Backup

I just discovered this software while I was doing a research for backup software. This program has been created and maintained by Luis Cobian which is a very good sign. There is no hungry company behind this program, just another genius that`s doing the world a huge favor. Back to Cobian Backup, it is free but is also a mature version, being released for the first time in 2000. It does have a lot of features but I will name only a few of them:  support for FTP and Unicode, compression for popular formats such as Zip and 7z, encryption Blowfish, Rijndael, DES and many others. Sure, you can schedule your backup and it can be saved to any external device such as a USB stick, external hard drive a DVD etc. I personally deleted other backup tools such as GFI Backup and redirected the users to this article where they can find something valuable. It`s the first program on my list when it comes down to backup in Windows. Download Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup 11 Gravity

3.  SyncBack (Freeware)

Perhaps it should`ve been the first on this list but I`ll let you decide this. If it matches your taste and preferences you won`t look further. If you require additional features try one of their shareware versions. According to SyncBack Help section`` The commercial versions SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro offer significant benefits over the freeware version with an improved interface and numerous features like profile wizards and versioning. Be aware SyncBack Freeware is not a trial version of either SyncBackSE or SyncBackPro.`` You won`t find many alternatives on the market if you will search for backup software. I am specifically referring to backup software that doesn`t contain adware or excessively promote other paid versions.  On their website you can find a comparison table which shows the features and also the limitations of the freeware version. Sure, Basic Backup, Basic Synchronize, Backup to FTP, Zip compression, Schedule and Restore Backups are all fully functional in the free version. The free version is good enough for all kind of backups. Most of the people will only use the features found in the free version. The truth is that SyncBack is a reliable backup solution, a great alternative and deserves to be prominently on your desktop. If you`re ok with it, go ahead. Download SyncBack


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