How to create a user profile for Dragon NaturallySpeaking

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Right after the installation of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you are being required to create or upgrade a user profile for this software. If you just installed this application on your computer, it will require to activate it. If you have an Internet Connection available on your computer/laptop I recommend you to activate it immediately by clicking on the ``Activate Now`` button.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking activation required
It will allow you to activate it either automatically or manually. As you can see I chosen to use the automatically feature.

Choose an activation method for Dragon 
Now it`s time to create a ``User Profile`` which will help you to make this program even better. For more information you can read the entire information presented on the following window:

``Creating a user profile``

Before you can begin using Dragon, you must create a user profile that is unique to you.

Your profile contains information about the sound of your voice, your writing style and the type of audio device that you use.
The screens that follow will guide you through this process.

Note: If you already have a profile and want to use a new device, then you don`t need to create a new profile. Just add a new source to your existing profile.
To see more information on creating a new user profile select here, or Select ``Next`` to begin.``

Create a user profile
Please give a name to your profile.  Once you gave it a name click on ``Next`` button to continue.

Name your user profile
It will ask you to select your age group. At first it may sound like another marketing strategy which has only one purpose to gather as much as possible data but don`t worry. This information will be used for this program. As you can read ``Dragon can increase its accuracy by knowing what age group you are in``. Once you`ve specified the age click on ``Next`` button. As you can see there is an option which allow you to skip this process: ``Prefer not to say``.

You can help Dragon in a better recognition and accuracy if you will mention the region.  It`s interesting because they forgot to mention Europe. I know that most people will learn in British English and not American English but with all these movies you may sound more like an American. If you don`t know what to choose, try to think at your accent and how you may sound when you`re speaking in English, like an American or an English person.

``Help Dragon identify the words you say``

``Please tell us what region of the world you are in. If you are unsure what to select, we recommend you
see the Help for details on choosing the correct region.``
Choose the region
Again, the way you pronounce words will help Dragon to obtain better results.  Here it`s easier, if you don`t know what to choose, Standard it`s recommended.

``Help Dragon understand how you pronounce words``

``Dragon can make adjustments to improve accuracy if it knows you speak with an accent.
If your accent isn`t shown or you aren`t sure what to select, just go with the default - ``Standard``. It`s OK if you don`t select the correct accent. Dragon can adapt to your voice once you start dictating!``
Choose an accent for Dragon
Please pay attention! The following step will probably be different. When I ordered Dragon I also purchased a Plantronics Calisto Headseat with his bluetooth usb adapter and other accessories such as the Nuance USB Adapter, actually you can read the Dragon NaturallySpeaking review here. Probably you purchased only the software as you already have your own microphone or any other tools. In the following picture, I selected what came with my package when I purchased this software. At this step you may want to select a different microphone other than Bluetooth so be careful.

``Choose a speech device``

Most people use Dragon by speaking directly to their computer with a microphone. Speaking directly with a microphone is the recommended way to start. You can also record your voice with a recorded audio device and transfer the files to your computer so Dragon can transcribe them. You can add another source if you want to use an additional device. More information about the Dragon Remote Microphone Application is available in Help.``

Choose a speech device
This is just another confirmation and use the back button if something is wrong. Take a look and if it`s OK click on ``Create`` button.

``Review your choices``

``Here is the information you have told Dragon about your profile. Please review and if it`s correct, then select ``Create``. If the information doesn`t look right, then you can select ``Back`` and change it.``

Review your choices
Please wait while your profile is being created. After your profile is created, Dragon will automatically take you to the next page.

Your profile is being created
Another important thing to do is the position of your microphone so make sure that you will be able to position your microphone like in the following picture.

``Position your microphone properly``

``Correct positioning of your microphone is one of the most important factors in receiving good dictation accuracy. The microphone should be about an inch away from your mouth and off to one side. The listening side (white dot) should be facing your mouth. Use the pictures below as a guideline.``

Position your microphone properly
Finally, you will be able to use and test your microphone volume. It will take you a couple of minutes before your profile will be complete. Until then you need to check a couple of things. The first test will be the quality of your sound system.

``Click the Start Quality Check button below and then begin reading the following text aloud:``

``For Dragon to recognize your voice accurately, it needs to check the quality of your audio system and your microphone. Speak into the microphone as clearly and naturally as you did in the previous step. While reading this. Dragon is listening to you and examining the quality of your audio. Once Dragon has enough information, you will hear a beep to signal that the process is complete. This should take about fifteen seconds. If you do not hear the beep, start reading again from the beginning until you do.``
Volume has been adjusted successfully
Dragon will test the quality of your sound system
Here it is, If you can see the following picture it means that your microphone has passed this test. Let`s carry on.

Check Microphone is complete
Prepare for reading several blocks of text in order to train Dragon. Doing this will adapt the program to your particular way of speaking. You can choose between showing the text with or without prompting. Most people will opt for ``Show text with prompting``.

``Read text aloud to train Dragon``

By reading aloud (for about 4 minutes), you can train Dragon to adapt to your particular way of speaking.

If you choose ``Show text with prompting` below, Dragon will display text and follow along with a prompt. Most people prefer this method.

Choose ``Show text without prompting` if you have special reading needs. This option will display all the text at once without prompting and also allow you to print out the text.``

Read text aloud to train Dragon
Here it comes, several texts which you will have to read them ``at a normal pace and with a normal tone of your voice, as if you were having a conversation with another person.``

Read Training Text
There is more, each text will also give you a good idea of how to use Dragon in order to obtain the best results. Once you read the text try to remember those tips.

Another text to be read in order to improve Dragon
Once you will finish to read all texts, Dragon will automatically adapt your user profile and it will notify you:

``Congratulations! You have finished training. When you click OK, the computer will spend a few minutes adapting your user profile. If you would like to improve your recognition accuracy, you can train the computer more later.``

Dragon NaturallySpeaking congratulation message
Adapting user profile
At this step, Dragon will ask you for your permission to search for words on your computer but as you can see I didn`t agree with this option and I skipped this part. That`s why I did, feel free to do whatever you want at this step.

``Let Dragon search for words and add them now``

Personalizing the vocabulary is one of the keys to accuracy and productivity. Dragon can perform a basic adaptation now: it can scan your sent e-mails for contact names to add, and learn about your writing style from documents in your `My Documents` folder.

After your profile is created, you can increase its accuracy by analyzing documents located in other folders and importing lists of words.

Search the following: (this may take 5-30 minutes to complete)
- Sent E-mails (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes)
- My Documents (Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, Text, and Rich Text Files)

Let Dragon search for words and add them now
This software will automatically improve your accuracy or should I say your user profile. Once you will keep using it and train it you should experience better results. Everything is better explained in the following image and as you can I wanted to let his program to schedule his updates but if you want to you can change the schedule.

``Let Dragon automatically improve your accuracy``

Once you start using your profile. Dragon can periodically improve recognition accuracy based on what you have dictated, corrected, or trained. The more you dictate, correct, and train, the greater the benefit you`ll receive from this option.

Note that to take advantage of this option, you must have Dragon dosed and your computer running at the scheduled time.``

Let Dragon automatically improve your accuracy
That`s a request coming from Dragon developers and I`ve seen this at a lot of programs, even at Windows when you encounter a crash and it`s asking you to report this error. It`s up to your choice but I would recommend you to ``Run Data Collection`` if you want future and improved versions of this software.

``Help us improve Dragon``

You can help improve Dragon by sending usage data to us periodically. We keep your data secureand confidential. Note that to take advantage of this option, you must have Dragon dosed and your computer running at the scheduled time.

Data Collection sends speech, text, and assodated data to Nuance Communications, Inc., a United States company, to tune, enhance and improve the speech recognition and other components of this and future products and services.``

Help us improve Dragon
The final step, your profile is ready for use, after this window, Dragon will launch and you will be able to use it for the first time.

``Congratulations, your profile is ready for use!``

As you use Dragon, you can improve your accuracy in several ways, including personalizing the vocabulary to prevent recognition errors.
Be sure to take advantage of the DragonBar`s Help menu! We also encourage you to explore Dragon`s many options.
See Help for more information on all these areas.``

Congratulations - your profile is ready to use
As I said, the program will start for the first time and you should see two bars: the up bar which allows you to Turn ON/Off your microphone or to exit the program and the right Dragon sidebar which is actually a helpful sidebar containing tips and useful commands.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Sidebar
Dragon NaturallySpeaking software interface
That`s it, sorry for creating such a long article but I wanted to show the entire procedure without missing something. If you successfully created your profile for Dragon NaturallySpeaking you can start using it.

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