How to forward Hotmail to another different email address

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If you had a Hotmail email account back in 2003, you should know that they didn`t offered this option - email forwarding. Forwarding your Hotmail to another email address didn`t exist. Recently, Microsoft has changed this and now you can forward your email to another address but you have to know that you may encounter several restrictions when you will attempt to forward your Hotmail address to another email provider such as Gmail or Yahoo. This is probably an anti-spam or anti-hijacking measure. However, I will talk about those restrictions at the end of the article. In order to automatically forward any incoming email to your Hotmail - Windows Live account to a different address here`s what you need to do. Login to your account and take a look in the upper right corner and click on Options feature.

Accessing Options - More Options in Hotmail - Windows Live
If you clicked on options, it should expand and at the bottom you will have to click on More Options. If you did that you should be taken to Hotmail Options main window and from there you`ll have to look for Manage your account ( it`s the first feature ) and look for an option called Email forwarding so click on it.

Accessing Hotmail Options - Managing your account - Email forwarding in Hotmail Windows Live

Now you should be at the Email forwarding section and from here you can forward your email to another email account. Please note the important message Please sign in at least once every 270 days—otherwise your account looks inactive and could be deleted. It means that Hotmail anticipates that you might not use this address anymore since you want to forward your email and it warns you that you might lose this address and also the forward won`t work anymore. It`s very important to remember this. Back to forwarding, in order to activate your forwarding you will have to choose the second option called Forward your email to another email account and enter an email address. It would be a good idea to select the Keep a copy of forwarded messages in your Hotmail inbox. Take a look at how I did it.

Forwarding in Hotmail - Windows Live

Very important. When you will hit the SAVE button you may experience one of the following.

1. Nothing will happen and you will be redirected to Hotmail Options and from here you can go back on your main interface and if you will see this message highlighted in a yellow text it`s great, it means that email forwarding worked from the first time and no further actions are required.

Forwarding confirmation message in Hotmail - Windows Live

2. If you receive this message You`re only able to forward mail to a custom domain or an e-mail address that ends in,, or Please try again it means that you will probably need to add a mobile phone number to your Hotmail account, here`s how to do it, I wrote a separate article. You will probably need to complete a verification and confirmation process.

Please note that the entire forwarding process could work smoothly without any other headaches, like it worked for me when I wrote this article and that`s because my IP it`s probably clean and it`s from the same country that I`ve created my email address. If you will use a proxy or use different details it may trigger some anti-spam or anti-hijacking filters that could force you to complete a verification process before you will be able to use the forwarding feature. Also, don`t forget to sign in your Hotmail - Windows Live email account at least once every 270 days otherwise your account will be closed, I already said that but it`s very important as some of you might skip some part of the text so I hope you really read this warning. One last thing, the entire forwarding process should work if you own a different email address, other than Hotmail such as MSN or Live - Windows Live accounts.

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