Why cloud computing is a threat to privacy

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According to different websites, there is a new trend called cloud computing technology...other than the social networking phenomenon ? I really have to go to the toilet, what a great idea...

I have heard different stories regarding cloud computing. What a great technology and how this is going to change the way we use computers and Internet.

Maybe it is for others but not for me. I am going to talk about this ``phenomenon`` called ``cloud computing``. ( something smell fishy, probably it`s from the toilet )

So, cloud computing is actually located in a big building. In this huge building, you`re going to find a lot of powerful servers, all of them being backed-up by powerful diesel generators so nothing bad can happen. There are all kind of surveillance cameras and nobody unauthorized can enter. All of those servers runs different OS and applications, there are hundreds of qualified IT experts that are paid to keep everything secure and run smoothly.

Now, you`re a company or a person that runs a small business. For less money and without getting involved in technology, all you need to do is to buy a cloud computing account. All of your personal data will be kept there and it`s nothing to worry about. Everything you want to use is there, you just have to login with your username and account and everything is there, ready for you 24/7/365.

It`s like, why bother buying a car when you can rent a taxi ( including the driver ) and you will get this at a lower cost. But this is not your own taxi, there are other people that are using the same taxi. Probably it`s not a good example so let`s imagine that the taxi is actually a bus, a comfortable bus.

Ok, I admit that maybe for a company, it will be less expensive. Instead of buying new computers, servers and hiring qualified IT personnel they use this great technology. What about a person like me ? Probably I will save a couple of bucks but what do I need to lose if I will save everything in the cloud ?

Privacy ! Yes, it`s going to be gone forever and believe it or not, if you lose privacy in the world of computers and Internet it`s actually the same thing with losing your liberty in the real world.

So the company it`s going to lose its privacy. Well, I would like to keep my privacy or should I say the feeling of privacy ?

We all know that governments and corporations are gathering all kind of data about us but there are billions of data and most of them are useless. How about a unique, great idea It`s gonna go into the cloud computing and if it`s there, others will see it.

Who will guarantee that data from cloud computing. Jesus, stop saying this, it`s like praying to God on my website and hoping that he will ``Leave me a comment``. There is no such thing as cloud computing, it`s only an invented, useless word.

Dude, all data from ``cloud computing`` can be found in one or more buildings. Physically they exist here, on this earth, in one or more countries. If they are there, then the government is there too. The law enforcement agencies will supervise everything.

Yes, but the cloud computing gurus said that it`s more secure than keeping your data on your own computer.


I guess the best thing to avoid getting HIV is to protect by not having sex ever.
Theoreticaly, an animal from the Zoo will be safe at the Zoo. In his natural habitat he might be killed by another animal or by a hunter.

...got the idea ? No ?

Perhaps, using cloud computing is more secure for companies ( maybe ) but I would like to have the chance to educate myself and risk everything. I would love to secure my own computer as much as I can. It will actually make me smarter as I will have to use my brain in order to secure a computer.

Why Google inventors created another search engine when there were other search engines ?
Why some people plant some trees and eat their fruits instead of buying them from supermarket ?
Why there are Muslims, Christians, Buddhist and other religions ?

Because we are all different and sometimes diversity is good. Competition is good for everyone and I am talking about good ideas such as finding a cure, educating the entire planet, learning to love our planet and protecting her, inventing space ships to explore the Universe and so on.

Cloud computing is one of the worst idea ever. It is something based on rich gets richer. It will collect all the competition, data and privacy in one huge center and some powerful people will supervise everything, having access to this technology. I will get back later on this subject.

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