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If you will search on the Internet for more info regarding Dragon NaturallySpeaking you will find articles that provides help or instructions regarding this software but none of them offers so much informations like this one and the other two that can be found at the end of this article ( I hope so ). I would like to share with you my entire experience regarding Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which I also consider the best voice recognition software. This is not only a marketing title, I really didn`t find a better software and let`s face it, you won`t find a lot of competitors for this program but that`s not the purpose of this article. I`m talking here about getting more info, buying and testing this application. I must say that it took me almost 2 years before I finally decided to purchase this software. After reading several articles on the Internet I wanted to try this software. It was too complicated for me to download the trial version of this software. I obtained the 9.0 version from torrents which was a bad idea. I was able to install this application on my computer but I also installed a free virus. I also used a cheap microphone which was around $20. After testing this application I decided that I need a better soundcard and a better microphone. I also continued to read articles hoping that I will find more info. After two years I finally decided to buy Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

The first part: ordering Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Buying Dragon NaturallySpeaking was a simple step for me. I went to Nuance website, this is the company that created Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I wanted to order the premium version of this software. I must mention here that I ordered the premium version but the one coming with the Plantronics Calisto Headset with Bluetooth USB Adapter. I was thinking that it will be much easier for me to use the wireless technology. I also ordered a USB adapter since I am sure that it will be useful if I will want to use a regular microphone other than the wireless headsets.

I paid around $ 200 for the License plus $ 99 for the wireless headset plus $ 15 for the USB Adapter.
The entire amount was around $ 330 or something like that.

I paid with PayPal for everything including the DHL Express shipping but it`s worthless to mention here the fee I paid because it depends on the country you live in.

Since I paid through PayPal it tooked two days to receive a confirmation of payment and also to receive the tracking number for my order. I didn`t know if you are going to pay using your credit card but I guess that the payment should be a little faster. As I said this is only a guess but based on my experience it should be a difference between using PayPal and a credit card. I`ve noticed that the PayPal payment was redirected to a third party and probably that`s why it took two days to verify my payment. I was using PayPal simply because I felt that it would be more secure for me but feel free to choose either the credit card or PayPal.

The second part: receiving Dragon NaturallySpeaking

After using the tracking number received from Nuance, I was able to see the entire trip of Dragon NaturallySpeaking from USA to my country located in the European Union. I needed to pay the VAT at a local DHL office from my town and after this I have been told that I will receive my package the second day. I decided to wait for the DHL delivery the next day. The second day I received Dragon NaturallySpeaking from DHL. The entire process took me around seven business days.

Final part: opening and using Dragon NaturallySpeaking

I guess, you`re curious to see some pics with what I received. As I already told you that I ordered a couple of things, maybe your package will look a little different than mine. Let`s get started. I am not going to make pictures with those from the shipping company, just what I`ve received when I opened my package. On the back of my Dragon NaturallySpeaking, there were two papers, the first one is with Nuance Customs Invoice and the second one with Nuance packing list.

Nuance Customs Invoice
Nuance Packing List

Now, here is a picture with Dragon NaturallySpeaking green box. Inside of this box it`s everything, all the accessories that comes with this product.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Box

Here is the Dragon Naturally Speaking quick reference card, it`s actually a brochure with a lot of useful informations ( 3-4 pages ). In this quick reference card you can read about how to install Dragon, how to create or upgrade a user profile, it provides examples with all commands that you can use and so on.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Quick Reference Card

Here is the Plantronics Calisto Headseat with his bluetooth usb adapter. I have made a single picture with both of them on my table.

Plantronics Calisto Headset with Bluetooth USB Adapter

This is the Nuance USB Adapter, I purchased this adapter for future use. I was thinking that maybe I will decide to buy a separate headset ( with wires ) and this adapter should help me. I paid around $ 15 for him so this actually was the cheapest product from this box.

Nuance USB adapter for wired headset

In this picture, you can see that I received the DVD with the software called Dragon Naturally Speaking and two additional books from Plantronics ( another user guide )

Dragon NaturallySpeaking DVD plus Plantronics user guide

Now, I am going to repeat almost everything that I said when you looked at these pictures. Finally I am keeping Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11 the premium version in my hands. I am so excited but also very careful to avoid damaging the box. I just want to keep this little green box so that I can remember a positive or a negative experience. After opening this box, I was able to find my USB adapter which is as I said a small USB adapter from Nuance and they claim that they can actually improve the voice recognition if you`re using a laptop with a low quality / average soundcard. It was very cheap so I was thinking that maybe in the future it will be useful. I also found a DVD with the software and on the back of the DVD it was written my serial number so I`ve decided to keep this information in a secure place just in case that I might reinstall Windows and I`m going to need this serial number again. Since I ordered the premium version along with them Plantronics headset I have found the Plantronics headset along with the Bluetooth device and with the recharger for this headset. There is also a small reference card for both the Plantronics headset with Bluetooth USB adapter and also one for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I would like to say that the quick reference card for Dragon 11 was very very helpful for me as it shows me the entire procedure for installing the software on my computer and it also provides almost all commands that I`m going to use. As I said I have found this reference card very helpful.

After installing Dragon NaturallySpeaking on my laptop I wanted to see this software in action. If you need help with the setup process, check one of my articles called how to install Dragon NaturallySpeaking. That`s how you can install this software on Windows.
The first step after the setup process was to create a user profile for Dragon and to train this speech recognition software so that you can improve the accuracy and voice recognition. You can skip the training part but no matter how good your microphone is or what soundcard you`re using, if you`re going to skip this part you will notice that your results when you will dictate will be poor. So please make sure to use the train feature because the program will offer you to read several texts and it will adapt the recognition for your voice. It took me around 10 minutes so if I did it, anyone else can do the same.

After installing and performing the training part I wanted to write my first article. My idea was to write this article using this speech recognition software. Here I am, I was able to write the entire article using this program. To be honest using Dragon NaturallySpeaking was not so easy for the first time because my brain was not able to think at the same speed with the dictation. However I guess it`s absolutely normal and it will take some time before my brain will be able to keep up with the dictation. When I was typing my articles I was only thinking at this amazing software and how easy will be to increase the speed of my work. Now I realize that everything has changed and I feel that I have the same feeling with the one when I used for the first time the keyboard of my first computer when it seemed so hard to write fast. I was wrong and I am sure that Dragon NaturallySpeaking will become the software that will change the world in a couple of years. What can I say, I`m glad that this software is now installed on my laptop and I hope that it will help me to write more articles.

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